About Steve Lambert

I grew up in London spending much of my time drawing, playing video games and tinkering with HTML and Flash. My interest in art and design led to study illustration at Middlesex university, where I continued to develop my illustration style and hone web design skills.

Following an 8 year career at Time Inc. UK as a UX designer, I moved into freelance, working with a variety of clients. I decided to go back to full-time employment when my first child came along, getting a job with Catena Media where I remained as a UX designer for several years. Catena kept me on as a creative consultant for several months after I returned to freelancing, working on UX, storyboards and promotional material. I also recorded and edited the Squawka Talker podcast!

I now lives in Worthing on the South coast of England with my partner and two children, where I continue to work on a freelance basis. I also sell artwork on my Etsy store.

I also still love video games, reading and cooking curries!