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Trusted Reviews

This design is from when I worked at Time Inc. It’s for Trusted Reviews. Time Inc. is now known as TI Media, after some complicated and boring Time Warner reshuffles and sales! TR is a tech review site that covers most home electronics, mobile phones, cameras and video games. At the time of this design, […]


This is a site design I worked on a few years ago while freelancing. They’re an American recruitment company and we worked together over Skype — before I sat down for dinner we’d have a meeting to go over the design work I’d done that day while they were having their morning coffee! They’ve since […]

Greeting cards

I’ve started designing some greeting cards and currently have them up for sale on Thortful. I’ve gone for a bit of variety, drawing out ideas as they come about, rather than aiming for any set occasion. Thortful recently increased my allowance so I’m working on getting more up on there but for now you can […]


AskFans was a website that was run by Catena Media for the 2017/18 Premier League. It featured regular news and features and had a hub page for each team. I was tasked with the full branding and site design, with a very tight deadline. The site also featured a lot of video content, with a […] logo design

New logo design for betting website to coincide with a site redesign. Earlier in the design I came up with several colour versions to be used for different site sections or branding applications — in the end, the web designer settled on a minimal design with one bold brand colour so these weren’t used. […]

Convertize design and illustration

Back in 2016 I was hired by UX company Convertize as a creative consultant to work on some illustration and design work for their marketing material. This included illustrations for a series of emails sent out to their customers promoting some of the techniques used. I was also tasked with putting together graphic assets for […]

Video game keys

Original post here. I made some video game style keys in Blender3D for a bit of fun. I wanted to use a low poly count and low res textures, so they look somewhere between Legend of Zelda and Quake! I originally created each texture at 256×256 pixels, but this of course resulted in an effective […]

Squawka 2018 World Cup guide

Squawka, being the football stat fans they are, produced a PDF where they predicted the 2018 World Cup. It featured stats and information on all the competing teams and ended with a fixture table based on what they thought would happen. Also included was a sweepstake sheet and a wall chart for people to print […]

The Unbeaten

I did this stroyboard at Catena Media for a promo video in collaboration with Coral. They wanted to showcase some of the best in sport. According to the marketing team, the pitch process was very brief and I was given a short deadline — the whole storyboard was completed in an evening! I’m happy to […]