AskFans was a website that was run by Catena Media for the 2017/18 Premier League. It featured regular news and features and had a hub page for each team. I was tasked with the full branding and site design, with a very tight deadline.

The site also featured a lot of video content, with a short magazine style show initially hosted by Maff Brown, then David Alorka. These featured interviews with ex-pro footballers such as Emile Hesky, Lee Hendrie, Darren Anderton and John Salako. Other video content consisted of fans interviews, away day features and analysis.

As budgets were adjusted the scale of the video content was reduced with a greater reliance on in-house production, with myself taking on much of the video editing. The longer magazine show was eventually scaled back to shorter, punchier content — everything is still on their YouTube channel.

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