BT Sport Premier League Script

While I was contracting with Squawka, we were approached by BT Sport to produce a 60 page script that predicted the 2019/20 Premier League. The plan was to print out and properly bind a movie style script which would be sent out to various football players and pundits.

There’s a more detailed post about how this was done here, but basically, an algorithm developed by third-party data scientists was used to come up with a load of results. the Squawka writers then took this and fleshed it all out with a narrative.

There’s a hub page of articles about it here on the BT Sport website.

My part in all this was to present this as an actual script, complete with annotations, sketches and highlights.

I began by researching how an actual movie script is presented: margins, font sizes etc. and using this to create an InDesign template. Copy was added to this as it came in and data was presented in an ASCII style to fit in with the look of the script.

Notes were handwritten by myself, scanned and arranged around the copy where appropriate.

For the highlights, I created a page of various marks, circles and scribbles using a marker. This was scanned and coloured in Photoshop — we went through various colour combinations before settling on blue and yellow. Yellow was used mostly on more positive points, blue on negative.

These two pages of highlights were imported into InDesign and masking was used to show individual marks over the text.

The final stud bound script was sent out to pundits and footballers, who were encouraged to film video reactions that appeared on Twitter. BT Sport’s social media strategy turned out to head more towards destruction of the script, however!

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