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New logo design for betting website to coincide with a site redesign. Earlier in the design I came up with several colour versions to be used for different site sections or branding applications — in the end, the web designer settled on a minimal design with one bold brand colour so these weren’t used. […]

Convertize design and illustration

Back in 2016 I was hired by UX company Convertize as a creative consultant to work on some illustration and design work for their marketing material. This included illustrations for a series of emails sent out to their customers promoting some of the techniques used. I was also tasked with putting together graphic assets for […]

Squawka 2018 World Cup guide

Squawka, being the football stat fans they are, produced a PDF where they predicted the 2018 World Cup. It featured stats and information on all the competing teams and ended with a fixture table based on what they thought would happen. Also included was a sweepstake sheet and a wall chart for people to print […]