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Greeting cards

I’ve started designing some greeting cards and currently have them up for sale on Thortful. I’ve gone for a bit of variety, drawing out ideas as they come about, rather than aiming for any set occasion. Thortful recently increased my allowance so I’m working on getting more up on there but for now you can […]

Video game keys

Original post here. I made some video game style keys in Blender3D for a bit of fun. I wanted to use a low poly count and low res textures, so they look somewhere between Legend of Zelda and Quake! I originally created each texture at 256×256 pixels, but this of course resulted in an effective […]

Wall of Cats

Here’s a painting I did a couple of years ago. A bunch of cats hanging out, being cats. Acryllic ink on watercolour paper. Here’s a very brief time lapse of the process (this was the first time I had used this particular app so I had the framerate all wrong!).

Monopoli, Italy

Here’s a couple of landscapes I did while on holiday in Italy. Monopoli is a port town on the north coast in the southern Puglia region. It’s a lovely place with some old battlements and winding old streets. Some fantastic seafood to eat too!