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Video game keys

Original post here. I made some video game style keys in Blender3D for a bit of fun. I wanted to use a low poly count and low res textures, so they look somewhere between Legend of Zelda and Quake! I originally created each texture at 256×256 pixels, but this of course resulted in an effective […]

Wall of Cats

Here’s a painting I did a couple of years ago. A bunch of cats hanging out, being cats. Acryllic ink on watercolour paper. Here’s a very brief time lapse of the process (this was the first time I had used this particular app so I had the framerate all wrong!).

Monopoli, Italy

Here’s a couple of landscapes I did while on holiday in Italy. Monopoli is a port town on the north coast in the southern Puglia region. It’s a lovely place with some old battlements and winding old streets. Some fantastic seafood to eat too!