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Trusted Reviews

This design is from when I worked at Time Inc. It’s for Trusted Reviews. Time Inc. is now known as TI Media, after some complicated and boring Time Warner reshuffles and sales! TR is a tech review site that covers most home electronics, mobile phones, cameras and video games. At the time of this design, […]


This is a site design I worked on a few years ago while freelancing. They’re an American recruitment company and we worked together over Skype — before I sat down for dinner we’d have a meeting to go over the design work I’d done that day while they were having their morning coffee! They’ve since […]


AskFans was a website that was run by Catena Media for the 2017/18 Premier League. It featured regular news and features and had a hub page for each team. I was tasked with the full branding and site design, with a very tight deadline. The site also featured a lot of video content, with a […]

Video game keys

Original post here. I made some video game style keys in Blender3D for a bit of fun. I wanted to use a low poly count and low res textures, so they look somewhere between Legend of Zelda and Quake! I originally created each texture at 256×256 pixels, but this of course resulted in an effective […]