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AskFans was a website that was run by Catena Media for the 2017/18 Premier League. It featured regular news and features and had a hub page for each team. I was tasked with the full branding and site design, with a very tight deadline. The site also featured a lot of video content, with a […]

Squawka 2018 World Cup guide

Squawka, being the football stat fans they are, produced a PDF where they predicted the 2018 World Cup. It featured stats and information on all the competing teams and ended with a fixture table based on what they thought would happen. Also included was a sweepstake sheet and a wall chart for people to print […]

The Unbeaten

I did this stroyboard at Catena Media for a promo video in collaboration with Coral. They wanted to showcase some of the best in sport. According to the marketing team, the pitch process was very brief and I was given a short deadline — the whole storyboard was completed in an evening! I’m happy to […]

BT Sport Premier League Script

While I was contracting with Squawka, we were approached by BT Sport to produce a 60 page script that predicted the 2019/20 Premier League. The plan was to print out and properly bind a movie style script which would be sent out to various football players and pundits. There’s a more detailed post about how […]